Front view of a hand-woven palm frond beach bag, lined with traditional Shalki fabric in yellow, and adorned with a tassel made from the same fabric

Sa'af Beach Bag

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An all-natural, handwoven 'Sa'af' (palm fibre) basket bag with a 'Shalki' (traditional) fabric interior and handles. The tassels are either made of yarn strings or frayed 'Shalki' fabric.


- Lined with 'Shalki' fabric
- 2 slit pockets and a 17 cm zipper pocket
- Tassel made from yarn string or frayed 'Shalki' fabric
- Comes in 5 colors
- Magnetic clasp closure


- On esize (42 cm W x 47 cm H x 13.5 cm D)


- Handmade 
- Ethical 
- Sustainable 
- Eco-friendly