Our Process

The Saudi culture still retains its vast and rich heritage, which maintains its authenticity ,and continuity in the various regions of  the kingdom. weaving of palm fronds (Saaf),is cosiderd as one of the most important crafts in the Saudi heritage ,along side ,the weaving of “Sadu” by women  where palm groves flourish and tribes live. 



To sustain these traditions, and make them appreciated in new, and fashionable  product, Sleysla took on the challenge of converting natural palm frond into  attrctive unique  products , ranging from , exclussive handmade bags, home accessories, boxes , trays , and a variety of different items   . Initially, the raw  material is  outsourced from different palm groves in the country, where ladies still weave palm fronds in the traditional methods . 

The 'Saaf' (palm leaf , extracted traditionally from  palm trees) ,separated , and discarded palm leaves that are cleaned, bleached by natural dyes , and softened before use. After being bleached via sun exposure, the palm fronds are weaved in either a wide or narrow design depending on the product. The palm frond consists of two parts:

  • The frond, which is the smallest part of the palm leaf and lightest in color, and due to its flexible nature it is used for a specific type of products.
  • The left over palm leaflets, which are longer and coarser, are boiled in water to make them more flexible and easier to weave.

After they are woven by hand in a method called (Saaf) used all over the kingdom we the, import them in big quantities from different regions , and then our Artisans   cut them into different dimensions and  shapes, to make products, such as bags, boxes ,baskets, and use hand printed  with traditional Sadu motifs cloth linning , to create beautiful items  . 



our research team is part of  Our design division , which has created a library specialized in documenting the different motifs found on traditional  fabric , architecture, costumes, ,and designs from  the different  regions of the  Kingdom. The patterns and motifs are then used to create unique designs and compositions. Once a design is approved, we begin looking into color schemes that are both trendy, and true to our brand's image to be applied to the final design, before starting  production by our esteemed Artisans , whose main concern is the perfection of their work , and how it is  appreciated by our clients, world wide.