About Us

Sleysla is a cooperative society working under licence number 326 issued from the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as well as commercial registration number 4030375227 issued by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment. our gratitude to the founding members ,and investors of Sleysla , whose belief in it , enhanced our success , and ushered  helped to usher in an exciting new phase for the future of Sleysla . 

Sleysla was founded by Princess Fahda Bint Saud as a project under Al-Faisalya Women's Welfare Society in 2004 with the intention of keeping traditional Saudi crafts alive through incorporating them into modern products. Sleysla was established as an attempt to improve the economic conditions of young Saudi women, solve the issues of poverty and unemployment, while also encouraging the appreciation, knowledge of products. This allowed for new markets and job opportunities to open up for women weavers of palm fronds around the Kingdom.Sleysla's name and reputation ,as a`Saudi brand is known around the Kingdom , and in the Gulf region , and appreciated for its modernized , Saudi designs ,and perfection of handmade products, and seasonal fashion collections. Our main concern has always been, sustainability of our   original designs , and products produced by a team of Saudi ladies ,which has stamped its  distinctive Saudi identity .  

From its inception until today, Sleysla continues to be headed by HRH Princess Fahda bint Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud as head of the board of directors, and head of the  design department. Now, other board members include, Fawzya Al-Tassan, Reda Al-Ghazawi, Dr. Abla Bukhari, and Amani Al-Wazeer. Abdulaziz Al-Abdullah is the first Managing Director, and the driving force behind its new image. He played a major role in reconstructing Sleysla, to become an international brand and a commercially viable entity. Our highly  trained and professional artisans form  the backbone of Sleysla ,along side a team of professional designers who  contributed greatly to the sustainability , and success of Sleysla .  

Characteristics of our hand-made Saudi brand products:

  • Eco-friendly handbags made of Sadu weave patterns and fabrics, and Saudi palm frond.
  • In-house special designs on silk screen fabric printing.
  • Hand made Pottery.
  • High quality inhouse  hand-printed fabrics designed with (modernized -traditional) Saudi motifs .
  • Traditional hand-made embroidery.
  • In-house traditional and modern palm frond and palm fiber weaving.
  • In-house traditional "Iqal" making

 Our production lines:

  • Sleysla Home.
  • Sleysla Handbags.
  • Sleysla Fashion (evening and day-wear).
  • Sleysla Accessories.
  • Sleysla Gifts.
  • Sleysla pottery.
  • Sleysla accessories.