Sleysla x Nasiba Hafiz Patchwork Mask (Limited Edition)

Sleysla x Nasiba Hafiz Patchwork Mask (Limited Edition)

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These masks combine the traditional patterns and designs of Saudi Arabia found in Sleysla's products with the cool and trendy patterns which Nasiba Hafiz is known for.

*Disclaimer: Because the fabrics used are unique and one of a kind, two that are never the same, so you can either purchase now and wait for a message from our sales team so you can pick the one you want. Or alternatively you can  reach out on our WhatsApp number 0505528050 to decide before you purchase. 


- Made from a combination of Shalki and other fabrics.
- Comes in a plastic sleeve.
- Has a standard filter inner lining.
- 2 elastic straps to fit around the ear.


- One size (6.5cm W x 18cm H x 0.5cm D)


- Handmade 
- Ethical 
- Sustainable 
- Eco-friendly