Palm fiber brooch

Palm fiber brooch

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 Hand made broach of palm fiber, treated by washing the delicate fiber with a special softener, then combed and dyed with natural dyes to be ready for shaping it into different sizes and forms, by tightening it with a wire..ready to be shaped and prepared into apiece of ornament studded with semi precious stones ,and ready to be worn as beautiful broaches.

pink&gold                   9 X 8 21 g
pink      18 X 6.5 16 G
turquoise 19 X 7 29 g
green&purple 18 X 8 23 g
purple               14x5 21 g
brown        18 x 6.5 15 g
beige&green          17 x 6 15 g



- Handmade 
- Ethical 
- Sustainable 
- Eco-friendly