Side view of a box traditionally embroidered with lead beads

Bani Saad Box (Limited Edition)

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A wooden box covered in black linen fabric and adorned from the top with hand-embroidered unique lead bead original pieces*, with traditional Saudi patterns from the southern region**.


- Lined with hand-printed fabric
- Hinged box top


- Small (20 cm W x 15 cm L x 10 cm D)
- Medium (27 cm W x 17 cm L x 10 cm D)


- Handmade 
- Ethical 
- Sustainable 
- Eco-friendly

Please note that due to the uniqueness of each strip of embroidered lead beads, the piece you see in the picture may not be the same as the piece you receive. Since every piece is unique and one of a kind, we cannot provide the same design twice. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, there is a 30-day return period.

** The Bani Saad tribe in Al-Taif is known for embroidering lead beads onto their dresses.